Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Sorry we've been super busy!

Hi everyone, so sorry for just disappearing on you guys!! I've been so busy it's not even funny but i've got so much i wanna write about but i have no idea where to start!! First, the Formula One parties, then i went off partying in KL the week after, followed by Wine for Asia mixology event, then Sydney and Brisbane for the weekend and by the time i got back, it was Barclays Golf Open!! When i finally thought i have the time to write, i realised that i would be pretty busy again soon as i would be in Jakarta for Fashion Week and i would also be launching my very own magazine in partnership with one of my closest friend, Karen! Oh by the way Carlo contributes to the magazine too so watch out for his articles and our new Quaff membership card ;) Won't tell you what it is yet but i would be feeding you guys the details bit by bit and our readers will definitely be invited to our launch parties in December!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Bali Baby!!!

Ah… Bali.

It was an excellent trip, even though it had a bit of a rocky beginning.
It all started off with a plane delay. A flight that was supposed to leave at 6:30pm ended up leaving closer to 8:45, and so we were stuck in the airport fidgeting around and getting annoyed.

Except for Michelle and Caryn, of course, who didn’t seem to grasp the concept that the bouncy castle near the immigration gate was for CHILDREN only!!! 
Ahh you should have seen them, running and doing obstacle courses like a pair of six-year-olds.

Then again, I probably shouldn’t complain, since they won enough $10 vouchers from the staff there to buy us a free liter bottle of Grey Goose at Duty Free.

After getting off the plane in Bali, we took what seemed like a two-hour ride to our villa. The ride took less than half that, but how else are you going to feel when you’re antsy to party after the flight delay!
First of all, I’d like to say that the place we stayed at, Villa Wirasan, was a lovely little place with lots of space and a nice little pool to wake up in. Mind you, the pool was FREEZING, so there was no way you could jump in there and still be sleepy.

However, the big problem with the villa was that it was in the middle of fucking nowhere, and you had to take a 10 minute ride through an uneven dirt road to get inside, which made for several problems with taxis. We had to tip every cab driver we rode with because that damn road did tons of damage to their cars.

Anyways... As soon as we dropped our shit off, we went straight to partying, which was FUN!
We wandered around until we hit a place called Bounty, and that’s when the party really began to escalate.

After drinking fish bowls full of liquor, plus some sort of “Jungle Juice” (the contents of which I’d rather not find out about), we ended up incredibly blind. Well, not blind enough to miss Caryn and some of our other friends dancing in a cage onstage. Seriously… Caryn has no shame.
That’s why we get along so well!!!

Drinking a whole bunch of tequila in between fish bowls also didn’t stop me from noticing how many hot girls were around. Being a fan of studying human behavior, I also couldn’t help but notice just how much more free-spirited people are when they’re on holiday. Being thousands of miles away from home has a way of shutting off people’s inhibitions!
At some point Bounty closed, and that’s when we had the longest cab ride of our lives.
Let me tell you something, you do NOT want to be in a taxi home in a foreign country with Michelle passed out to your right and Caryn almost headbutting the cab driver while her comatose body was flailing around. Seeing as I hadn’t been to Bali in over a decade, all of Caryn’s “I know this place like the back of my hand” boasting would have been really fucking useful when it came to finding the villa!!!

The second day started off pretty well, with me having to make ten people a giant batch of fried instant noodles while hung over. Thank god for that cold pool, that was legendary. A swig of Grey Goose to rid myself of the metallic taste in my mouth was another boon from the heavens.

At around 1pm, we went to eat lunch at a place called Hu’u Bar, which is a restaurant/club owned by a Singaporean named Sean Lee. He turned out to be a friend of Caryn’s, and I must say they gave us top notch service.

Their chef, Phillip Mimbini, offered to serve us “family style”, which simply meant that instead of ordering individual dishes, everyone got a little taste of most of the things on the menu, and we could ask for more of the dishes that we liked.

Man, what a great suggestion. The food was plentiful, with tons of beef rendang, roast pork, coconut rice, fish and all sorts of other great dishes. Even with ten of us eating (well nine, since Arpan’s pansy ass couldn’t deal with the hangover), we never had to ask for more food! Except for rice that is, which I might have had three plates of.

After that massive lunch, the girls went to the beach, while us boys all went back to the villa. Arpan passed out as soon as he got to the villa, in one of the great daybeds they had outside. Mike went to go get some sun, and I tried to sleep, which didn’t work out too well.

Then… after a couple of drinks at the villa, we ended up eating at Sarong, another world-class restaurant where we were served a smorgasbord of delectable Asian dishes, ranging from Chinese, Malaysian, and Indian food. You wouldn’t be able to find a feast like that for $50 anywhere in Singapore, and it was one of the highlights of the trip. Their manager, Din Hakim, was even nice enough to give us a whole bunch of free samplers on top of our meal.

However, all that eating compounded with my fatigue meant that I would not last long.

We went back to Hu’u Bar afterwards to enjoy one of their big parties, and while the music was bumping nothing was going to stop me from getting sleepy. After about an hour there, half of us went back to the Villa, where it was snooze town from there.

The third day ended up being the best, and after another morning of cooking instant noodles (plus sausages, eggs and bread this time), everyone got ready to head to Ku De Ta, where they were having a massive bikini party. There were THOUSANDS of people there, and everyone was having a wonderful time. Hell, they even had a magician who tried to hypnotize me.
Laying in the sun all day, beer in hand, beautiful women everywhere. That perfectly describes my Sunday afternoon. Champagne and vodka followed later, and the sea of bombshells walking around never emptied… If only every day could be a holiday.

P.S: The fucking party was so big they had to hire a fucking HELICOPTER to get a bird's eye view of the crowd!!!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Brazil Dream Sunday@ Reflections

Hey guys, here's the next party we would be attending and it's happening this Sunday at reflections. It's a party held by the Brazillian guys in conjunction with their National Day celebration so they have decided to bring the spirit of Brazil to Singapore! There would be performances by Wicked Aura Batucada, Capoiera, Maculele, Samba de Roda, Live Sax Bossa Nova and some fire dances. On top of that, for the very first time in Asia, Brazillian DJ Felipe Venancio who is famous for his gigs at Privilege in Ibiza and his celebrity fans such as Naomi Campbell, Prince Albert of Monaco, Stefano Gabbana, P. Diddy, Adrien Brody and Bono would be taking over the decks!
In order to attend the event, everyone would need a "Senhor do Bonfin" bracelet.
Copacabana ( Green Bracelet):
All you can eat Brazillian bbq ( Picanha Wagyu Beef, White Wine and Honey Chicken and Brazillian Bread Sausage) , free flow wine, beer, caipirinhas, etc from 3-5pm. All these for only $65 nett.
Ipanema ( Yellow Bracelet):
This gets you entry to the event and one free drink of your choice. Cover charge is $15 nett.

Drinks for the entire day would be sold between $5 to $10nett, so what are you guys waiting for??
The nice guys from the party has given us a guest list which entitles all our readers to 10% off the ticket prices. Just send an email to carloandcaryn@gmail.com if you would like to be on the list with your details by Saturday 12pm. See you at the party!!!

Monday, August 24, 2009

House Obsession with DJ Tim Lyall

Another exclusive invitation is up for grabs and it goes to the person who could give us the best reason to bring you to the party. If you would like to enter the seductive realm of New Asia's musical universe as Dj Tim Lyall whips up his slinky spectrum of house, breaks, progressive and techno anthems do drop us a comment and tell us why we should bring you along to the exclusive pre-aperitif on none other than the Helipad of Swissotel the Stamford (8-9.30pm).
It's an actual Helipad not to be mistaken with the Helipad club at Central and there would be also be some complimentary cocktails. After a couple of drinks, we would join the rest of the crowd at New Asia bar itself where Tim would be entertaining us till dawn. For those who does not know, Tim has spun alongside Tiesto, Fergie and Judge Jules to name a few. Be prepared to be blown away and here's a peek of how it's like on the Helipad.

One more thing, please INCLUDE YOUR EMAIL so we could NOTIFY you if you win! Cheers!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Weekend's Coming!!!

Hey everyone!

Caryn and I have returned from our trip to Bali, and I think it's safe to say that it was very fun!

Here's a small picture that encapsulates what our holiday was like:

We'll be doing separate accounts on the Bali trip soon, seeing as it was such a great (but very short) holiday that we've both got lots to share!

We can't wait for the weekend though, and be sure to say hi to us if you see us at the supermodelme.tv finale at Zouk on Saturday!

- Carlo

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Ted Baker Show (aka I've got to stop drinking champagne)

The Ted Baker show was… interesting.

It was interesting mainly because of the fact that I had NO idea who Ted Baker was, and quickly learned that I should probably know a little something about an organization before I start spreading word about one of their events!

Still, it ended up being a fun party!

As many of you know, the Ted Baker show was the event that we had our very first contest at Hazy Flight for. You know… the 100 ticket giveaway!

All I can say is: damn you people were fast. It took just about a day for all of our slots to fill up, which is a lot faster than we expected! (Oh, and to the guy who tried to post 30 times to get the 50th spot and the VIP ticket: respect for trying).

As usual, the drinks were pretty good at the VIP, and we were treated to some good Sagatiba mixes. Oh, and some people were buying 151 and Champagne, which is always a dangerous combo.

Well, giving me that mix of booze is just about the same as giving a terrorist a fully functional nuclear warhead. You KNOW that the results will be explosive.

The fashion show itself was quite short, and I’d have to say that I have a pretty indifferent attitude toward it. It’s not for any snobby reason, it’s mainly because I barely know what does and doesn’t look good (nor do I know anything about fashion in general).

We kept it up at the Ted Baker show until around midnight, and as usual, our favorite heroine Caryn found herself completely annihilated (shortly before the same thing happened to me), and we both went our separate ways into the night.

She was on top form for the earlier parts of the night though, and I’d have to say she did a hell of a lot better with juggling her time and entertaining everyone than I did! I felt like a headless chicken for most of the time, trying to figure out how to effectively talk to everyone that I’d invited while still finding the time to have a drink (or two… or ten).

Now… the events that happened afterwards become a little hazy.

I’m not entirely sure why, but champagne effectively erases my memory within minutes of consumption. This happens every time I drink it, but I NEVER learn my lesson!

All I remember is, I ended up going to Butter Factory (yes… again), and have been told that I made a bit of an ass out of myself.

Oh well… what can you do? People act funny when inebriated, and I’m no different. In fact, I probably act two-three times as nutty as most people when blind drunk!

I mostly just remember hanging out and having a good time with someone, having a good chat and drinking ill-advised tequila and vodka shots. As for passing out on a couch at Butter, that I know nothing about! My buddy Chandra also reckons that I talked to him for an hour or so at Butter, which I definitely have no recollection of.

This is what I most likely looked like for the latter part of the evening:

You know the usual. Big grin, not a care in the world, and also no fucking idea what's going on around him!

Then… as most Sunday mornings go, I woke up at home.

By myself.

Hung over.

However, I’d like to point out that this time I managed to keep my shirt!!! That in itself is a major victory!

I’ve really got to start taking naps after playing basketball for 2-3 hours on Saturday afternoons… I think that’s why I’ve been getting destroyed so easily lately!

Thanks to Sagatiba, Phantom Models and Buttcheeks Creative for the event, and thanks to all of you loyal readers for attending the event! I hope you guys had a great time, we’ll have some more fun stuff for you to do soon!

Oh and before I forget, congratulations to these two for winning the VIP ticket contest!

- Carlo

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Gene Simmons and Barry Levine's Exclusive party to launch Carnival of Souls

I was at the office on Tuesday afternoon checking my emails as usual when i received an email from Priya saying that her friend from Bloomberg just told her Gene Simmons was at his office...
Like seriously?? What on earth is Gene Simmons doing here? I really really wanted to see him but didn't know how to since i've not heard anything about him making an appearance in Singapore.

An hour later, Ava called me up and asked if i wanted to attend Gene Simmon's private party that very evening at 6.30pm! Like are you serious?? This is not the craziest part... Ava met Gene the night before at the Nine Inch Nails concert and his PA called her up the next day to invite her to his party! So now i get to go too!!
I was so excited i was actually willing to give gym a miss that evening and went for this party instead. I was also going to be on Channel News Asia that night at 8.30pm so i guess i had to choose between watching myself or meeting Gene.. wasn't that an obvious choice since my friends would be recording it for me anyway.

Met up with Ava at 6.30pm and hung around at The Arts House having some food from the buffet spread and drinks. The beer from Archipelago was soooo gooood but the wine unfortunately was not that great.. well what do you expect it's just Corte Viola. After about an hour and half, we were asked to proceed down to the entrance where the red carpet is to welcome the arrival of Gene and Barry.

A hummer turned up after approximately 15 minutes of us waiting in the heat and out came two men... well didn't really know who they were, probably some producer or manager. Shortly after, a stretch limo pulled up and out came Gene and Barry!!! I was gonna faint. He looked so cool... lol ok maybe most of you won't agree with me since he's about 60 ish.

Everyone went back up to where the party was while Gene was being escorted into his private room where cameras had been set up all around and Utt was waiting to interview him. Was pretty upset thinking that maybe that was all i got to see of him when Ava just tapped him on the arms, he turned around, said hi to her and told her to go with him to his room! Happily Kristina and i followed ;)

Gene was really nice and asked us our names, chat for a little and took some pictures. We hung out in that room for a bit until it was time for him to head off to the theater for an introduction about the Carnival of Souls.

The party went on for a little more after with some pole dancing and acrobatic performances then they ran out of beer....
When it was time to leave, Kris, Ava, Rob and i went off to the after party at New Asia Bar, had a round of drinks then stumbled off to Pump Room where i got a wee bit wasted but it was all good... :)